It's not everyday
It’s not everyday
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Even better than second place and collecting $10, I won first place and got $50 donated to the American Diabetes Association- see And the winner is .. and some reflections on user-generated content:

As many of you know, I celebrated a milestone birthday this month.  To celebrate, I concocted an action learning experience in user generated content, the Beth 5.0 Flickr Photo Birthday Remix Contest.  I set up a flickr group, uploaded some instructions and some photos from the past half-century, and invited people to celebrate.  The winner would receive $50 to their favorite cause or charity.   I blogged the invitation, I emailed friends, family, and a few colleagues, I skyped, and sent an invitation to join the flickr group to all my flickr contacts.

When I heard about this, I thought, what a groovy idea– make some of your flickr photos available, ask folks to mash them up in some way, using flickr tools or others, and post in a pool. I was busy at the time, but could not resist coming up with my entry as beth had dropped several comments to my flickr posted photos of Cadu.

Little did I know that her judges (her kids) had a dog bias.

I swear I did not know.

But less about me, salutes to Beth, celebrating 50 on the web, in a mashup. if you are not a reader of her blog, you are missing out (rin now and subscribe to the feed!), cause she is all over this use of Web x.0, tagging, social software, online facilitation, Second Life, blogging etc, but as end to her efforts in the areas of social change. We’ve never met, but have crossed paths lots in this last year.

So cheers to Beth, she’s the real winner for coming up with a nifty way to use web stuff. And despite her husband’s “no” in the background of the envelope opening video clip, I hope you (and Harry) get your black lab

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  1. That’s pretty funny — I grew up in Atlantic City! It was great card! Gonna have to wait a bit on the dog, but I keep hoping we’ll have a four-legged member of the family again, preferably a black lab.

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