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5th Year, Still Flash Mapping With IndyJunior

I have a soft sentimental spot for technology thats till works well after a 5+ year lifespan. Since 2003, on this blog, I have made use of Bryan Boyer’s IndyJunior Flash Mapping Module, which parses data from an external XML file to plot geographic locations that this dog travels to or has been before– see

I’ve engineered this with my own custom PHP wrapper, making ti so I create a different XML file for each year’s data, storing it in a directory like wp-content/indy/2005.xml, wp-content/indy/2007.xml, wp-content/indy/2007.xml, etc. (see the manual for details on the data format, but it is XML I can ever understand).

To execute my PHP, and to have a drop down menu with the years to select, I had to take this page out of the WordPress content flow; but you can easily create accessory pages that use the WP functions for building headers, styles, sidebars, and footers. So my indy.php file looks something like (note extra RETURNS added to code for display here):

So the real task is to know what year is selected, and then grab the appropriate file to write out in the Flash code script.

Previously, the largest task was finding latitude and longitude for various locations, but the numerous geocoding sites make that a snap. Maporama is really good if you need international sites

So there are many similar tools out there for mapping locations, but I’m a bit sentimental for IndyJunior, maybe because I paid my shareware fee when Bryan was a student.

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