Leaving Vancouver
Leaving Vancouver by cogdogblog
posted 2 Mar ’08, 12.39am MST PST on flickr

It was an Arizona blue sky day for a departure from Vancouver. I looked back from my seat to take in one more glance at where I was the last 10 days.

Oh my gosh- visit to MDM program at Great Northern Way, Northern Voice, tiki party, ceviche and carne asada, moose camp, ma.tt in my Cat Diaries session, EduGlu blues, a full auditorium for 50 Ways, Victoria, the burned omelet that "almost killed the CogDog", walk in the woods, 6 mile Pub, sea plane ride, hanging out in East Van "on the drive", 50 Ways at UBC, Canned Hamm, more guitar jams, Chinatown stroll….

This could be the type of written piece where I detail all the special people that made this a fantastic visit and regale in the details of what went on. But those people were there and know the details (better than me?) and those who were not there? Well, you missed out. Get your butts in gear and head up to Northern Voice in 2009, and hitch on a few extra days to be in Van Rock City.

I cannot say enough about the friends/colleagues (more former than latter) who let me stay in their home, wreck havoc with their kids, eat their food, drink their booze, sleep on their couch… I am blessed in many more ways than I can count.

So while my mind flies forward to the Arizona desert and mountains that are my home, and even race ahead to another trip next week for big things in Austin, I had a realization that should me new life not pan out living in Strawberry, I can easily up root and settle anywhere I can live that has good internet access.

Vancouver has great net access, to be subtle. So who knows, on day I might really be a Canadian. Or just act like one.

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  1. Vancouver is the second most expensive spot in Canada (after Toronto).

    I recommend the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario. There’s lots of high-tech, and (as is often the case in Canada) you don’t have to drive far from the urban downtown to reach the kind of rural areas like Strawberry that perhaps you would prefer. I’m living in Baden ON myself. It’s a bit more laid-back than the Boston MA area where I was born.

    Of course, the weather is bit on the cool side here. Our current temperature is -2°C (windchill = -8°C), with freezing rain in the forecast. Strawberry AZ is currently +8°C, same as Vancouver BC.

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