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Flickr Video Does Embed (doh like it was there for 2 years, right?)

I just noticed on uploading a really short video to flickr that the buttons at the top provides an embed code for copy pasting code to put in your own web site. It’s probablt been there forever, and everyone else on the planet knows it, but it just fell into my radar today.

Sometimes, it is really fine to be on the dull not bleeding edge.

For what it’s worth, in its full cinematic glory, a magna opus in 36 seconds, Windy Day in Strawberry… and look hard for the trans-character tension overlain by a hero mythic subversion ethos (trying to fake film talk, this is just point and shoot video of things blowing in the wind).

Oh cool, the ending of the video provides a comment link.


Wow, it would be nice to have a non-spam comment.


Sure would be nice.

No, not you “Aunty” Social you creep.

A genuine comment, submitted without provocation.

Comment loneliness setting in.


Where is the connectivity?

Where is everyone?

So alone.

Get it?


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  1. Back in the 80’s, one of my first radio jobs was as the all night announcer at a station in a small town in the north. The station was in the heart of “downtown” and my control room window overlooked main street.

    Starting at around 2 am each night I would stare out the control room window, desperate to see any signs of life on the streets. Those were some of the loneliest hours of my life, spinning record after record wondering if there was anyone out there.

    It wouldn’t be until 4:30am that I would see a set of lights bounce down the potholed street and into the radio station parking lot. The morning announcer had arrived and there was great rejoicing.

    Occasionally, I too would ask the question, “is anyone out there?” And they would phone. We would chat. Sometimes, they were even sober and coherent. That helped. But most of the time, they weren’t. But it was still good to hear from them anyway.

    Point being, there is always someone at the other end. Many times, they are sober and coherent and that helps. But sometimes they’re not. And that’s okay, too.

  2. The sharp juxtaposition of plot and sub-plot left me breathless.

    Isn’t it wonderful how we can all learn new things all the time.

    You made me laugh which was nice cos I’d had a bad day!

  3. iJustWasSoSad it did not play. This iiiii_thing is so 1999 lingo variable naming convention, dontcha think?

    About the film, one reviewer said: “With its sparse raw soundtrack and overt references to flying dogs dead and alive the film is an obvious homage by the director to Laurie Andersen’s “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)” on the 1984 “Mr Heartbreak” album.”

  4. Was that a monkey on the windchime?
    Is the tension because the windchime moves around more than Spike or because it wants to be like Spike?
    Is Spike trying to become Aereolus’ (wind god) pet or is it the monkey?
    I’m confused by the critic’s description. Loved the video though, my 8th graders thought it was “cute”. (Not my word)

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