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If a Houseplant can Blog…

A japanese houseplant has its own blog, and updates it on a regular basis:

Midori-san blogging houseplant

If houseplants could blog, what would they say? To find out, Kamakura-based IT company KAYAC Co., Ltd. has developed a sophisticated botanical interface system that lets plants post their thoughts online. A succulent Sweetheart Hoya (Hoya kerii) named “Midori-san” is now using the system to blog daily from its home at bowls Donburi Cafe in Kamakura.

Read about it on the Pink Tentacle blog or go directly to the source (the plant blogs in Japanese).

So what does a plant blog about? Usual stuff– politics, silly Youtube videos, punk music, drinking binges, soil pH levels, phosphates….

So if a houseplant can blog, why can’t ____________________ ? (fill in the blank)

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