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Emptied Anticipation

Emptied Anticipation
Emptied Anticipation by cogdogblog
posted 27 Mar ’09, 8.29pm MDT PST on flickr

Most every day I walk the one quarter mile walk to my mailbox. I have two choices of routes, and usually take the other back.

I should know every detail of the way, but in search today of my 2009/365 photo, I again face head on that challenge of finding something unique in the ordinary.

I passed by a neighbors yard that has a gate but no fence. I think it always would make a great shot, but the light is wrong and its crowded by trees. Another house has a very old rusted, cash register sitting against the base. That’s too easy. Also trespassing.

But reaching sight of the mailboxes, thoughts of photos evaporate. How can there not be anticipation/excitement to see what the postal service delivers? What surprise awaits? maybe a gift? new issue of Wired? a letter from long lost friend? maybe it is packed so much I can barely open the door! Perhaps there is a unexpected windfall, a Community Chest winning card of much higher value than Monopoly gives? maybe a package?

And on opening the box…. nothing.

Not even junk mail.

Yesterday at least I got an anachronism I could use as fireplace kindling.

It’s not the first time an anticipatin event has ended up empty. And on the scale of things…. totally minor. I can deal with that.

But then.



Because, in finding nothing, I had found my photo for today.


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