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Enough of Zombies, Alright?

Nice guys
Nice guys by Sebastián-Dario
posted 26 Oct ’08, 7.57pm MDT PST on flickr

Cachorritos de Lila

You can hardly glance at twitter or open your RSS feeds these days without reading about zombies. WTF?

Lumbering flesheaters are somehow fashionable?

Time magazine gushes about them. The New York Times loves ’em. Jane Austen now embraces them. Education Technologists are suspect of becoming them.

Enough zombies! I am yawning. We need more cute puppies. That will set things right.

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  1. Damn! Bava beat me to it. As soon as I saw these little monsters in my RSS reader I thought: they look like flesh-eaters to me. There’s even a tell-tale faint tinge of pink around their mouths.

    You do realise you may be the onnly one left who’s *not* a zombie, don’t you? It’s a good thing you’re safely sequestered away in Strawberry. 😉

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