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My Docs Can Speak – Free Text to Speech from Zamzar

Zamzar is a very powerful striped cone-headed frog….


Actually Zamzar is a very handy, web-base, free tool for converting files – different types of graphics, audio or document files (dealing with those infernal Microsoft Office *.docx or *.pptx file types). You upload a file, and Zamzar the Wonder Converter emails you later with a link for the download.


But there is a new exciting feature.


That’s right, you can upload a document file (.doc[x] or .pdf), and it does text to speech to turn it into an audio file.

I tried it today with a one page PDF, this handout I use for my 50 Ways workshop.

Zamar the Wonderfrog reads my document

The voice of course is a little robotic, but not horrible, The mistake I see here is sending it something with a pull out box, as reading goes left to right, across the lines, so you get a weird kind of mashup.

But free text to voice from just uploading a document? Amazing. Even for a frog.

Try it yourself Tell the Frog that the Dog says :Wog.

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  1. I’ve been using to do this. You can publish the files to a podcast feed and then download with other podcasts. It offers straight downloads too. I use this to listen back to things I write. It helps me get a feel for how well my writing reads.

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