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Lend a Hand to 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story



I am taking 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story on a spurt of road shows over next 2 months- Barcuch College, Penn State University, Salem State College, and online version for Wooster College, and then a session at Ed-Media.

Gulp, am I becoming one of those shlock presenters that milks a show til it wont bleed anymore? I hope not. The entire presentation mode is going to change, and I am rolling in some new secret pieces.

In the next 2 weeks, the content is going through a sweep– links checked, 4 dead tools dropped, and several to be added. Currently I am down to 63 (from 64), but have at least another 5 I could add. Recently added are Prezi the sweeping swoopy cool presenter too (see example) and Pixton- a rather powerful comic creator (see new example).

I could use some input, and you can leave comments here or use the discussion tabs on any of the 50 Ways wikispaces pages (I check them via RSS so I will get your comments quickly):

  • Sure, if you have more tools to suggest, I’ll consider them. But remember the criteria- they must be web based, platform agnostic, free, and able to mix at least two forms of media (text, pictures, video, images) into some thing that can be played back on the web.
  • I’ve not done too many recent updates to the list of sources where people can find creative commons of un-restricted usage media sites- what is missing from
  • I’d like more examples, especially ones that are relevant to educators for the Tools page. I have plenty for VoiceThread and Animoto, and am looking for examples from some of the more obscure tools.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey, I’ve given your site to my students for their projects that are due Friday. We should have around 40 examples by then. I’ll send the url for the ones that use a lesser known tool. I do know one student who’s planning to stage a romance novel via xtranormal. And another is trying Glogster. Ping me if you don’t hear from me.

    1. Thanks Julie- that one is new to me. At first TikaTok seemed a stretch since it is billed as a way to publish books, but it offers free web-based versions which can be shared. It’s in the “list”.

  2. Looking forward to a ‘re-vamp’ed 50 Ways. You might want to check back on Prezi since I now believe it’s a ‘paid for’ app.

    Though the content will be consistent for all the presentations, I hope you’ll have examples that the particular audiences will be able to relate to. I’ve seen too many presenters use ‘high school’ content to demonstrate a concept to an audience of elementary teachers!

    1. Hi Nancy–

      Prezi stil has a free version (which is what I used). Limited to 100 Mb disk space which has been enough for 1 small and 1 large preso I have done.

      I try my best for solid examples, but honestly on some sites, it is just hard to find things closed to education related. That’s why I keep asking among my networks and in my workshops to share examples. I am not sure that a good high school example cannot illustrate the potential to an elementary teacher (or the other way around).

  3. Hey man, sorry for posting this here, but i couldnt find your email.
    Im trying to embed blog with your Feed2JS tool, and have a question, are there any way if you limit to show 5 post, it will show ? I have looked everywhere, cant find anything about. Thanks a lot.

  4. We have a bunch here at UMW, and given I have been milking your work as well, it’s high time we deliver, I’ll make it top priority this week to get you a list of examples, and add them to the wiki discussion pages.

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