I’m testing a new embed feature thingie. I hope they don’t get made I am doing this on my blog. They did not say “shush”…. and I did ask. Maybe this feature is already out.

It’s doing a CoolIris embed from my flickr tag “dog” (what else?)

Cool. Iris.

Here is another one, this time using the MediaRSS feed I made for my Real Time Web presentation at Tulanw but it is now placed right in the page– http://cogdogblog.com/stuff/tulane09/embed.html and it now offers the same embed code to pass it around elsewhere.

Cool. Iris. Cool

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  1. FWIW – I’ve just started to realize the awesomeness effect of cooliris. I had to give a presentation to a group on best practices in eLearning. I used a combination of flickr images, cooliris, and a smartboard.

    It was like dealing tactile 3D magic.

    They all wanted to come to the board and shuffle the presentation images.

  2. Zach’s whiteboard mix, would make for a crazy way to do an on the fly presentation- roulette wheel style, building it on the fly from a random flickr tag feed.

    One big spin of the wheel, pick an image from wherever it stops and make it make sense in your overall presentation. Kind of like slide karaoke but with a touch more luck and chaos involved.

  3. Nice work Alan

    Zach, next time you do that mix … video it and stick it online .. it would be great to have a YouTube Blip.tv channel for video examples of practices with emerging tech (re)mixes.

  4. Thanks for YAGCIT (Yet Another Great CoolIris Tip). Strange though that the embedded show on this page here does not want to open full screen (says I need to install CoolIris, but I have it), but the one on your conference page works perfectly fine in fullscreen mode.

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