2009/265/279 Have Bowl, Need Dog
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Yes, sadly, I remain dogless.

It’s not for lack of desire for canine company; it’s that my schedule keeps getting more filled with travel that make it feel unfair to take in a dog and then be boarding him/her 50% of the time.

It’s hard to avoid the pleas from the Humane Society shelter in Payson, the stories of good dogs needing homes in the local papers, and the bulletin board photos outside the Ponderosa Market.

But maybe its time to get more creative, or start saying "no" to travel, and get my priorities in order.

How can the "CogDog" have no Dog? I would be just a Cog, and at that, I am not biking all that much, so then you can just call me ""!

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  1. Understand the pain of not being able to have a dog. Currently living in a place that doesn’t allow pets.
    The next move will definitely be to a place that allows me to get a big ‘ole cuddly dog.

  2. Took my dog out in the bush yesterday and played around walking her and sharing some fun training. A dog’s company is very grounding I find, maybe get your dog and the priorities will take care of themselves :-)

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