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Why I’ll Never Be a Business Person

Some colleagues out there are group reading the hip all the cool kids hot edu WTF book, Anya Kamenetz’s DIY U Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education .

I’m game since a bunch of my buddies have mentions in there.

However, in my Amazon shopping, I am stumped about the pricing of a print, tree killing, air fouling future landfill filling dead tree book being only 18 cents more than the kindle version. As much as I like digital, and read other books on the kindle apps on my iThings, I splurged the 18 cents to get something I can annotate in, or i if need be, burn this winter for heat.

Please Riiiiiiiiiiiiicky, can you ‘splain?

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  1. One can annotate on a Kindle.

    Why do you think the prices are so similar? What should a digital copy cost compared to a print one?

    1. Hmmm, annotation. I am trying this new device to annotate my print book. It’s called a “pen”. I think it will catch on 😉

      I like reading, noting with the Kindle, I don’t dispute that.

      To read a print book, what technology do I need? Maybe some education and a light bulb. For an eBook, I pay for a device, then the content.

      I dont have a price in mind; I guess my naive assumption is that prices are based on the costs of production; digital books can be reproduced almost infinitely and a price so low it does not register.

      So what you are saying is that I am paying more for the book as a concept, not materials? That’s okay. I just had expectations digital content would be more than 2% cheaper than print.

      Like I said, I don’t understand the business.

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