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Tastes Like Beta: Delicious Browsing

Did someone say beta?

That really gets my attention when I see it, I just cannot resist a click of curiosity.

I don’t know how long this has been on, but I am ecstatic to see that the venerable social bookmarking site is still tinkering under the hood.

So from what I see, this gives a way to use delicious as a web browser bar, so you can navigate through a tour of tagged sites. You can browser your entire tagged stream, or tour mine at, or from a view of tagged sites, you can browser just that.

For example, these are all the sites I have tagged for the 2010 NMC Horizon Report (click image for full size)

The drop down menu in the upper right allows you to jump farther back. It’s like a tour through your tagged sites.

Here’s another approach. For tracking my presentations, I have been tagging them presentation plus the year, so I have links (and RSS feeds) for my 2009 presentations, my 2010 ones, etc (for even more fun, I run the RSS feeds through a nifty tool to post as my Best of Show) — but now, rather than just a link I can create a tour:

or directly

Nifty, eh?

What also I had not seen is that the search results in delicious show a histogram of activity, so you might be able to spot a trend… like this event seems to be popular.

I like it when you stumble on these gems.

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  1. I found the browse beta a couple of months ago. Silly me for not blogging it–though at least that saved some stumble-on pleasures. The histogram is new to me–very cool indeed.

    Delicious has been such a good friend for many years. I still start with it when I try to explain the cloud, RSS, and the value of sharing. Simple, direct, and infinitely useful. Viva Delicious!

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