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Dear Blog,

I’ve been gone so long you are not familiar with who I am? Who, but myself, can I hold up for blame? Have you forsaken me for another, given my inattention? Stephen has already dropped the Wiley E Coyote anvil sized hint.

Yet, as we have talked before, fewer things are lamer than blogging about not blogging, yet I shall do so anyhow.

That’s the thing, my sweet blog software, you waiting patiently with an empty “Add New Post” form– is that unlike any other places we put our name on in the web, this is the one where we establish all the rules and therefore break them.

And that, on this day of USA celebration of our quasi independence (freedom to fill up shopping carts at Walmart, freedom to clog up the cmapgrounds with atvs and generators, freedom to shoot incendiary devices over bone dry forests…), here is to our Blogindependence- freedom to change our themes, freedom to shut of comments, heck even freedom to just go dark.

I just did a tally on the June calendar- I was home for almost 9 days. For July, I am here for 31.

And so my excuses for neglecting you, dear blog, are nil.

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  1. I can certainly relate to lean blogging times, and it shows that it can affect even seasoned writers like yourself. Just an observation on the number of days available for blogging purposes – sometimes, the ideas and compulsion to blog comes when you are most pressed for time and in a busy schedule. Get a stretch of time in which blogging seems like an ideal thing to do and you’ll probably find that either other leisurely pursuits (even watching YouTube music videos as I have been) beckon or there’s nothing pressing to be said. Maybe it’s the ideal time to go commenting!

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