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Take a long nap, Jack,
Make a big snore, Elanor.
Dont need to be awake, Jake,
Just listen to me.

Eek, time slipped away and I was not paying attention to ds106 assignment 3 referring to 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story.

I’m excited to see what people create ’cause it means I will have a bunch of new examples to add to the site.

A caveat, I’ve been dragging my paws on updating that site. Well, I did start with a new one, but it is not filled out — I have a new design that will be (hopefully) better organized/structured, and offer more routes in to have people contribute. But alas, it is about 48 short, but FYI can be found at As is, the old one is most complete, but keep in mind that some of descriptions are a bit outdated.

a href=””50 Ways New

Read more about the new version at but mainly, I wanted to let ds106 folks know that there is a raft of new tools in the wings.

And this might be the kick on the flanks I need to wake up and finish the update. Well, after I figure out what new things I can create besides another Dominoe story.

And…. after I finish this nap.

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