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My Life in 2000 Flickr Photos

Just by some idle browsing of the discussions inside the 2011/365 flickr group, I found Elizabeth’s link and mention of pummelvision – a service that allows you to validate your flickr account and have it create a video of your last 2000 flickr photos and publish it right to YouTube,

How could I not try that? It was about 2 minutes to authenticate and set up, though you have to wait until they notify you that it is ready.

Here is mine-

It’s a bit mesmerizing, well maybe, Perhaps it is boring. But how much easier could it be to make a video of your flickr photos? I know people sit down and make a video of a year’s worth, but you can do it here in a few clicks (you can also select a set to make a movie from).

Sure, some of you want your title sequences and custom music, but if you can live with what pummelvision makes, you can save a ton of time.

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  1. It is, indeed, mesmerizing, and I also love the music. Could you choose that? very cool, may have to try this as well, stop being so god damned productive over there.

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