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Since my copy of The Thing at the Foot of the Bed came in the mail yesterday, it was prime time to run another live broadcast of Scary Stories from Strawberry. I set up some props and creepy background music, and lit the live stream last night at 10:00pm PT (a later blog post, just for Jim Groom, will cover how I run my mixes through NiceCast).

I did good and forgot to press the Archive button at the start, so I missed my opening creepy sound effects- it was basically the haunting music, and some metallic screeching and door slams- and me yelling through the reverb and distortion affects for people to turn off their lights, and be prepared to scream like lil’ Jimmy Groom “I WANT MY MAMA”.

Oh well.

So here’s the rest of the story (apologies for the stream, my out levels were way hot!)

Scary Stories form Strawberry#2: The Golden Arm

Try alternative, and more detailed, version of this story, Leg of Gold which refers to something even creepier… the “came-cruse” — in French from Wikipedia- the google translation:

The cam-cruse is a fantastic creature unique to Gascony and the surrounding areas (Pyrenees). It’s a bogeyman particularly scary. It is usually described as a single leg, sometimes equipped with an eye to the knee (raw leg with eyes open). It emerges at night to go, and devour the unwary. The strangeness of this, and the lack of details make it even more worrisome. “Informants” as the few illustrators who have tried to representation, are tempted to add features: mouth, hair, horn, claws, etc.. But there is no unanimity in their descriptions.

This drawing is from Encyclopédie du paranormal a wiki of the unusual…. (and with irony,most of the google image results bring up Tom Cruise– anyone want to draw the line?)


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  1. Alan,
    This live broadcast storytelling you and Bryan Alexander have been pioneering for ds106 is nothing short of amazing. I was riveted to the radio, and that early creepy music was absolutely genius, sad we lost that in the archive. I’m gonna try my hand at some live storytelling once I get that tutorial 🙂

  2. I’ll agree with the nothing short of amazing and all, but geez, you got friends and stuff. I mean ordering kids books? In Strawberry? In the cold dark winter? In a cabin? With a big ax to chop wood with! Cripes, I scaring myself already!

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