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I’m Your Dog

Thanks to the glory of keyword search and random related videos linking, today I found the new theme song for CogDogBlog–

I can hear your toes tapping to this song by comedian Sean Morey, but just so you can enjoy it more, I put some energy into transcribing it.

I am your dog and I think you’re neat
I like to chew on your antiques
I bark like crazy when you come in
Then I make love to your shin
I’m here through thick and thin
I’m your dog

I see your keys, let’s go go go
I stick my head out the window
I jump up on your friends and dance
After I’m done sniffing their pants
I’m just into romance
I’m your dog

If my nose is wet, I’m a healthy dog
If the carpet’s wet, I get the hell out of dodge
I go outside take a crap
You bring it back in, in a plastic sack
What the heck’s up with that?
I’m your dog.

Thanks for the water dish I enjoy it
That’s why I drink out of the toilet
I didn’t mind obedience class
But why do you blame me when you pass gas
(Pfffffft) Humans are so crass
To us dogs

I’ll chase the ball til I’m all worn out
Then I sleep with it in my mouth
Some people think I’m a little obsessive,
But you gotta have fun, that’s my message.
Life is short you know,
when you’re a dog.

If a squirrel walks by, I’ll wake up the town.
If a burglar breaks in, I’ll show him around.
Everyone knows I’m man’s best friend,
Who else would stick his nose in your rear end?
Yes you can depend…
on your dog.

This was part of some serious research I was doing today to put together a set of Dog Songs for ds106 radio…. and found that there were some whacky songs in, of all places, Youtube. Can you dig it?

Rather than snagging the videos and ripping out audio, I’ve gone the taper route, and am recording the Mac output sounds into WireTap Pro, cleaning the ins and outs, and saving as mp3s.

For what its worth, here is the CogDogBlog DogSongSet- links are to YoutTube versions.

Just remember– “But you gotta have fun, that’s my message” — so sing along with me:

I’m here through thick and thin, I’m your dog.

I’m just into romance, I’m your dog.

What the heck’s up with that? I’m your dog.

Humans are so crass… to us dogs.

Life is short you know, when you’re a dog.

Yes you can depend… on your dog.

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  1. Okay, I’ve been reluctant to dive into doing a show on ds106 radio because, basically, I’m musically illiterate. That’s not really true. I can actually read music (I used to even be able to sing a song just by sight-reading). And I’ve got an uncanny ability to remember lyrics to songs I only heard a few times many years ago. But if you ask me the name of a song or the artist or the genre or why it is musically important/horrifying, I will invariably draw a blank (even if I can sang the entire song in the shower that morning.) As a result, I’ve never been able to really participate in those conversations that revolve around bonding about music. It’s like I have some kind of brain damage when it comes to speaking about music intelligently.

    BUT, even *I* could come up with a theme and then look for songs about it on YouTube!! I mean, I could freely admit that I just went searching and this is what I came up with — no guarantee that anything I choose will remotely come close to getting the hipster seal of approval.

    Thank you. You have given me an inroad into this crazy universe called #ds106 radio.

    I can dig it.

    1. Yey @martha, get on the waves. You can read music AND sing in the shower? You have more music creed then me.

      Someone should stream live shower singing!

      I know what you mean- I hear others playing and talking about this eclectic bizarre music, and all I have is my collection of tired retread 70s rock and roll.

      But we need to bash to smithereens (not the group) this “I am not worthy to try” stuff.

      The beauty of the radio is that no one cares what you do- its all accepted because its the act of being live or broadcasting that we celebrate, not the assumed aloofness of it.

      Heck, even 80s music is ok.

      1. Sorry Alan–I didn’t mean to sound cranky. 🙂

        And I agree with Martha–this post really does give some insight into how to approach a project we’re uncomfortable with (like Martha, I feel musically semiliterate). Thanks for the insight!

  2. You know, this blog used to have all this really cool teaching/learning/technology stuff on it till this ds106 thing happened. I’d say something like its gone to the dogs, but I ‘d laugh myself senseless. Again. Good work!

  3. The guy in this video is Bob Snider – he one of my songwriting heros. I have seen him perform many, many times as he from the area where I grew up in Nova Scotia. He also has two great books on Songwriting and Performing at an indie press in NS. I have learned to play a dozen or more of his songs – they never fail to put a smile on my face – he is a masterful songwriter and performer.

    Thought you would enjoy this little number:

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