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Story a Day May #5: Five Carded Past 11

I’ve got a busy day here in the Largish Apple, but not too busy that I cannot do a short digital story while sipping coffee. Today, it is using my own Five Card Flickr Stories to weave one from random ds106 flickr photos. Make one yourself!

Five Card Story: Webbed Up Past 11

a ds106 story created by CogDog

flickr photo by laughing_llama

flickr photo by giulia.forsythe

flickr photo by duncandonuts56

flickr photo by matt.dietz

flickr photo by Cali4beach

I was in the library, minding my own business. Trying to focus on this (deleted) (deleted again) essay on Existentialism, but really I am distracted by the screen on my laptop, displaying the most recent effort at coding what is now known as “The Box”.

A husky voice behind me whispered, “Reach for the sky, module hacker! Your jquery library or your life!”

What could I do, he had an 11 gauge pointed at my head. He dumped the contents of my project folder onto his USB drive (sigh, it had a Pez hed on it), and then dropped a large magnet on my keyboard.

The thief thought he had stolen my contribution to Web 11. They never take into the factor that it exists on many dimensions, and if he installs this on his own home network, he might not want to hit his snooze button at any time that has an 11 in it.

As expected, sometime after 11:21, the 11th person knocked at my door selling bibles. This was the signal. We had turned it up far enough that everything was going to change.

You like gravity at 9.8 meters per second squared? Are you accustomed to it? See what happens now, ground walker. We are going past 11.

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