Okay, none of y’all are dog enough to step up to the digital a story a day in may task, but this dog is going for the full ride. There is so much to choose from in the ds106 assignments submitted by participants, and if that is not enough, there is some place with like 30 or 40 tools you can use.

For today, while sitting on a train from Vermont to the Largish Apple, I sat admiring the wet landscape, and decided to return to one of the most creative assignments (and made by a UMW student)- making a story from the titles of songs in an audio playlist. I had done this before, so I upped it a bit by pulling small bits from each song to go along with the flow.

Being here on the road, and thinking about the longer trip ahead this summer, here is Stay/Go/Road

Stay/Go/Road Playlist Story

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