Those photos are both early release versions of myself and my Dad. Today is the date ten years ago that he passed away; I had seen him a few weeks earlier. I did have my calendar reminder ping me earlier, but was reminded just ow as I was telling someone the story of Mickey, the dog who has long marked my online presence.

I got Mickey as a pup in July 2001, and it was my decision to name him after my Dad’s nickname. Mickey’s gone. Dad’s gone. I’m here and thinking of them both today.

As usual, I link on this day to a web site I made for my Dad when I was trying to deal with those 5 months of knowing he was going –

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  1. Alan, your post (and related links) really touched me. I am a complete softy when it comes to my parents (and family) and my dog (who is most definitely a huge part of my family). Grief is such a powerful emotion and I thank you for sharing it so openly here. I am sending you a large virtual hug and hope that you are comforted by the memories of these two special “forces” in your life.

  2. Alan,
    A day later, I’m sorry! But you have a beautiful gift of keeping everyone who has touched you deeply alive in this space—it is testament to what was and an epistle of hope to what can be.

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