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The date my Dad passed away in 2001 and when my Mom joined him in 2011

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It Won’t Wait For Me

Despite sci-fi ideas of bending, traveling, tunneling wrinkling, that time thing just keeps moving along. Another August 27. Click. Sure the laws of physics can explain the passage of 10 years since my Mom passed away today and 20 years since Dad did, but how does it make sense that they would do so on […]


9 and 19

August 27 loomed… and now passes by on the calendar. Flip, another year. This one marks 19 years since my Dad passed away. A flip the bird to stomach cancer. And then 10 years later to the day, Mom succumbed to a heart attack. The same day. Not a coincidense. Just marked here with another […]


8 and 18

They made everything easy for me, from entrance to this world right up to today, the single day I can mark their exit. Today in 2001 Dad took his last breath in hospice, the cancer winning the battle [for what?]. Today in 2011 Mom too, maybe her missing him that much, hers an unanticipated heart […]


Memories In/Above the Ground

My calendar reminders were set; it was my memory that somehow put August 27 into tomorrow. My sister’s text message corrected the off by one error. Today marks the same calendar date that my Dad passed away, 16 years ago, and my mom went, ten years later. If you take a mathematical approach (and stop […]

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Just Another August 27

Four years ago today, it was just another one on part of my 15,000 mile “Odyssey” Road trip. I was leaving Welland Ontario after a very special one week visit with Giulia Forsythe. I called my Mom (in Florida) in the morning for our usual quick touching base calls, just another call where we teased […]

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On The Blanket at Cascade Lake

Look at those kids (sometime in the late 1940s (?)), are they thinking about one day having kids? of seeing their kids have kids? of not being around? Of course not, that’s not what you do on a blanket at Cascade Lake. Today, a tough double calendar reminder Three years ago, my mom fell to […]

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On This Day

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Gone. August 27, 2001: Dad. August 27, 2011: Mom mom’s last batch of cookies (on cowbird) cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by […]