Here’s a half-baked ds106 Design Assignment, feeding off of the MacGuffin-ing, but one to spiff up your blend and magic brush skills in Photoshop. Find a billboard or ad that features a friends or colleagues name, and modify it to personalize the ad. I got inspired while in thr DC Metro seeing billboard after billboard of Siemens ads, and could not help but think they were speaking about George not the poly-glot electronics company.

Surely there are Groom companies out there (hah pet supplies!), Burtis (contractors), Timmmmmy does Home Improvement, D’Arcy does A/C

Actually, I was looking for an excuse to repost my photos, I know George got a laugh out of them (right, George? you are laughing? Don’t sic Acer on me!)

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  1. I don’t know about you, but there is something very authentic about the picture of longshoreman George in his hardhat coordinating some sort of open learning on his walkie-talkie.

    In a word: awesome (as usual)

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