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As one of the converted, its hard not to be electrified after Jim’s keynote at Open Ed 2011– I can only guess what the energy was like in Park City.

I was fortunate to be listening in with Gardner Campbell from his office here at Virginia Tech

And he was sure smiling a lot given Jim’s (well deserved) mentions Gardner’s way for his “No Digital Facelifts” talk, or as we ds106ers know it, the Bag of Gold talk (which was ironically or not so, at Open Ed 2009 in Vancouver). Check out the animated GIF representation 😉

As we walked to lunch in Blacksburg (that was at Chipotle’s, Jim!) I recorded a quick audio recap with Gardner reflecting on the talk.

Recap of Jim Groom’s Talk with Gardner Campbell

We love ya, Groom. We all do. We are experiencing.

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  1. Alan and Gardner,
    I am deeply honored, and as I noted in the talk it is your conversation about dropping needles and “Open Education Experiences” that lit my fire. I can’t thank both enough for modeling everything I think is amazing about being open. I love you maniacs.

  2. Love that idea of the need to bring the “whole person” to the classroom, both faculty and students. DS106’s amazingly supportive network definitely coaxes one along to do that. I can’t think of enough learning experiences that have made me and likely my students feel that way.

    Thanks for the fast reflection Alan and Gardner and Jim the talk was amazing.

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