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For this week’s change11 it is becoming much more clear with Dave’s posting of the presentation he did for Alec Corous’s class. The idea of the noble nomad, alone, surviving, self directed… becomes romanticized (maybe not standing in front of a tent with a reindeer dressed like an elf).

I am hearing Dave and he is not urging us to be nomads but having nomadic tendencies or traits. It reminds me a bit of how when we do those Myers-briggs test, it is easy to say I am an Introvert (I was always high on the I). It helped greatly in the 1990s when our office had done this and the facilitator describing these as moving targets and just what our natural tendency is- so as someone who feels a more confortable energy state as an introvert.

This does not preclude me from being extroverted, and in fact, I do it frequently. It is not a binding state.

And thus I am finding my way to a similar state to think about taking a Nomadic approach to work/life, and it has nothing to do with walking alone across the desert.

To me it mostly means seizing the day, taking the initiative, the D part of DIYing it. Not waiting for the system to give, but reaching in, making paths. It runs counter to most every structure of traditional education which is usually provided to learners hence transmission.

And now I get Dave’s model of rhizomaticism:

And now I see- Dave is saying “You need to create an ecology, a garden, around these things. You need to create restrictions – broad restrictions for where you want this plant to go.”

I’m catching up with you, Obi Wan Dave. Where do we find the ways of making those broad structures that allow rhizomes to do their thing inside a garden that has such porous walls.

As long as roots are not severed, all is well, and all will eb well… in the garden.

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    1. Hi Alan, this posting intrigued me right from the start – the title drew me in. Are we to encourage our e-leaders and e-learners to be nomadic within a large walled garden? Will that help them to transition to self-directed learning? My answer is yes, seems to me that this description fits well with how #change11 is progressing.

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