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Nomads or Nomadic

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by saamiblog For this week’s change11 it is becoming much more clear with Dave’s posting of the presentation he did for Alec Corous’s class. The idea of the noble nomad, alone, surviving, self directed… becomes romanticized (maybe not standing in front of a tent with […]

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Rhizomic Wondering

Giulia created a beautiful animated interpretation of Dave Cormier’s ideas on Rhizomatic Learning for this week’s change11 session. In her post, Giulia put out the challenge to remix her work, and I could not let that slip by, here is my Rhizomic Remix / Wondering Like most times, I started with about 1/8 of an […]

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Talk to Me

I’m going to out some colleagues on the defensive here, but c’mom, if you are going to use video for online course materials, for our sanities sake, DO NOT SIT THERE AND READ TO ME. Talk to me. Show your passion, your interest, your humanity. Don’t point us to video of a head talking into […]