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Among my favorite echos of Jim Groom-isms is the approach of bringing your “A” Game to whatever you do- be it presentations, animated GIFs, radio shows. Don’t just show up with your average stuff if you want to play in big leagues.

So I want people involved in ds106 even those who shirk quickly to the benches, to bring their “A Game” to not only doing ds106 assignments but creating them. I will let you know that “A Game” is not just finding something on some web site and tweeting “this would make a good assignment”.

If you are that inspired, the way to play “A Game” is:

  • Actually first sit down and create your own version of it.
  • Document your effort, process, method in a blog post. Tell us why this idea is creative.
  • Checki first that it does not already exist– until there is a search box added to the sit, you can always futz a wordpress search in an site by using a sytnax like If one exists, or is close enough, add that particular assignment tag to your own post.
  • If it is original, then write it up and submit it as a full fledged example

“A Game” means bringing all the heat, it means swinging for the fences, or even better, belting a line drive to the right field gap with a runner on third.

Here is the thing about “A Game”- when others see it in action, they are going to elevate their own game. And that makes the whole sport better.

I cannot remember a time when I have so badly reached for sports metaphors. I may have whiffed it.

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