Because the new ds106 Daily create is so distributed, and sometime the tags fail to bring content into the main site, I am requiring my students to either blog their efforts as they go (which some are doing), or post a summary at the end of the week.

This will not only make it easier for me to track, it will, more importantly, provide them a way to organize all their DCs in one place. I have already created a screencast on how to do this with WordPress Categories but one can also do it with tags.

This week is not over, but I wanted to create a demo. On this blog, I am tagging all my posts for this as dailycreate which becomes likable via

The other thing I want them to do is to embed their content in the blog, not link to it or upload it. For both YouTube and Flickr, this is easily done in WordPress by putting the URL for anyof those item pages on its own line– no copy/paste of HTML, no plugins needed (for soundcloud they will have to use embed codes).

So here is what I have DC’d this week…

TDC 015 make a recording of the most lively laugh you can make someone do
Can I tickle someone via Skype? I tried.

TDC 016 Photograph something ugly and make it beautiful
My compost container smiled at me.

Happy Compost

TDC 017 show us your keys
I don’t like a lot of keys, but my bike tool is essential

TDC 018 video of an object in motion
Shot hastily while moving myself (do not try this at home). Relative speed?

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  1. I think that will have a much better chance of doing it if it is only once a week.

    If you have them trying to do something every day it will quickly fizzle out.

    Good luck with it :)

    1. Yes, but the point is to encourage people to make it a low threshold almost daily habit. It is less about the thing produced and more about the practice of thinking about the challenge.

      It is like regular exercise for the right side of the brain.

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