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Recasting Movies as Premakes

Along the lines of the ds106 Return to the Silent Era Assignment, this set of “Premakes” by YouTube user whoiseyevan offer a fascinating approach to recasting well known videos into mashups of movies that came before them.

HInt for my students- this would make a great idea for a final project.

The concept is called a “premake” – for example “What if Forrest Gump was directed by Frank Capra instead of Robert Zemeckis?” this is made by piecing together films from 1949

The person behind this has even created a few frame by frame comparisons with notes so you can learn more how it was assembled

Or see this alternate reality version of Gone With the Wind

The film tells the story of Scarlett O’ Hara, one of the last surviving human beings, who is caught in the midst of a great vampire civil war. Marvel as she outwits the forces of the undead, while she flirts with her true bloo… er… love. Complete with heartaches and staked hearts, “Gone with the Wind with Vampires” will ‘blow’ you away.

I am finding no end to the well of creativity..

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  1. The Brando bit at the end of the Forest Gump remake is brilliant. There is some real dedication to remixing film history in this approach. It would make for a fabulous assignment for any critical studies film course and likely lead to much, much more interesting work from students vs. the traditional 5-7 page paper comparing and contrasting directors, genres, etc.

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