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teh awesome ds106 video work

My wild ride of teaching ds106 has been a bit like riding a crazy horse on speed. We are in the intense part of the course where students are working in video, and while they talk about how hard/challenging it is, I am seeing in many of them that fiery drive to create.

In already two weeks, I am seeing work I am proud of from people who had never edited video before, and are doing so with little or no formal training. They are just doing it.

We are collecting many of these in a delicious stack (yeah, that sky has not fallen yet), but wanted to highlight some right here. Please send some comment juju their way.
In Maxwell’s Teacup, John took what was a simple Daily Create assignment to reverse a video, and turned it into a full on digital story with poetry, music, and a metaphysical twist. This is not even an assignment (though here is a hint, john, submit it as a new assignment and you can collect on credit for doing that). Read more about his work on this video.

This choice is perfect- take a futuristic movie with a retro feel, and render it in Silent Era style. Liz’s Silent Era Blade Runner pulls in all the features of this assignment– she added extra grit with After Effects, pulled in perfect music, and added narration cards. Read more about her work on this video

Likewise, Hannah took the modern remake of Alice in Wonderland, a movie that had been come from the silent era (1903), and takes it right back, with excellent use of effects. Like many others, she found the perfect music from Kevin MacLeod’s incompetech site. Read more about her work on this video.

Matt’s analysis of Touch of Evil is insightful and really taps into the Orson Wells’ cinematic genius in terms of camera work, lighting, and just the way the long takes are done. Matt even manages to pull in a connection to Contact (now if he only will blog his work…) (hint)
Colin has been on fire getting his video assignments done, and he is one of the first one’s to try the Movie by Numbers assignment using images from sports which is among his interests. Read more about his work on this video

Tiffany has this thing for Nicholas Sparks movies, and she took the One Archetype 5 Movies in 5 Seconds assignment to do kissing scenes from different Sparks flicks. Before class she was working on this, working earnestly to trim it back to exactly 5 seconds, no easy feat. Making kisses shorter seems counter productive! Read more about her work on this video
Christie’s 10 Seconds of Beauty is… well beautiful, especially that over the head shot of her horse, Felix. You get a true sense of what she sees as beautiful in this 10 second clip.
One more future, retro combination, Saad does the Silent Movie treatment of the 2005 version of King Kong with nods back to the 1933 version, diving into Sony Vegas to take advantage of the effects. Read more about his work on this video

More videos are rolling in this week, it is a blockbuster video time at ds106.

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