I’ve been all day peeking at the different design magic of Stephen Wildish’s site, I think we linked last year to one of his film alphabets, but all of his work has powerful elements of graphic design we are introducing this week to ds106 / Camp Magic Macguffin.

The one that got under my skin was the Yoda Ven diagram, which outlines the possible intersections of “Green”, “Small”, and “Poor Grammar”, and when you run intersections of these you get:

I knew I wanted to make this a new design assignment, so I did- Venn Pop Culture:

In the vein of Stephen WIldish’s “Yoda Venn” (see http://stephenwildish.co.uk/ for all of of his designs), design a Venn diagram of three circles, each representing an attribute, where each overlap defines a figure from popular culture.

I had a harder time coming up with three that worked, and gave my all the combinations. I then aimed to define the intersection of all three characteristics to get them all to describe Gandalf, and that broke down into “Old” “Long Hair”, and “Powerful”. Here is what I got:

I tossed out about 10 other starts that failed. This is not easy! Making the graphic was simple in GIMP, a gradient background, and three overlapping circle selections with fill and “multiply” for layer effect.

And what does this mean? Well everyone likes Gandalf, they want an old powerful wizard on their side. The hair? Works for me. The more fun relationships are the 2 sided cross overs.

So Venn will you do this assignment?

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