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Learn 13 Kinds of Practical Jokes at Camp Crystal Lake

Here is a new ds106 video assignment based on the notion of going to Camp Magic Macguffin for summer camp, Send a Camp Movie to Camp:

Take one of the movies on the list of movies with camp themes, find a trailer for it, and re-edit the audio to completely change the plot- e.g. make a horror movie turn into a comedy, or make a romantic movie seem like a spooky movie.

Send a camp movie to personality inversion camp!

I went easy, and selected the trailer for the original Friday the 13th, made in 1980, the first home of Camp Crystal Lake

I locked into this when it came out, I was still in high school, and could have easily been one of those wide eyed teens- one of which is a really young Kevin Bacon. Yeah, Jason rises out of the lake and takes his gross revenge, and it set in motion an entire industry of followups. I vividly recall nearly jumping out of my seat in the theater during the first one, maybe it was the Blair Witch Project of its time.

What does the fascination with horror movies say about us? It can be said it is a safer approach to playing out things in fictional form that are much worse than the horrors we witness (or ignore) in life? We could, and people do, speculate for eons.

So for my inversion of the movie, I watched the 13 countdowns of the original trailer, and wondered what if Camp Crystal Lake was the place to go to learn how to play practical jokes? A ha ha ha funny place.

This was pretty much a one take improv- I downloaded the youtube version of the trailer as an MP4, and opened it in iMovie. I used the Edit -> Mute Clip command to neutralize the audio of the original (you can also do a detach audio and then delete that track, but sometimes its better to just mute the original if you are going to re-do the whole thing. I then used the record over features to overlay my own dialogue, which you can tell is a one take. I had the most fun wit nod to the Oracle of Kevin Bacon phenomena.

To add some flair, I imported a few audio clips from Freesounds, a goofy orchestra track and a track of cellos to make it sound concertic. “tune-up.wav” by bugfish “cellos three thords” by jus

Ah camp.

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  1. Growing up in Scouts there was always the rumor that our camp was used for the filming of Friday the 13th due to the lake’s name – Crystal Lake. Turns out it was actually the filming location for another Summer camp horror flick – The Burning.

    Love the retelling of this classic as one for practical jokes. That befits any Summer camp. The re-use of screaming as laughing is hilarious too.

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