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Tuco No Ugly

I do not even want to look to find out the last time I officially completed a ds106 assignment (probably last time I taught, Spring 2014). But I was so inspired by Bill Genereux’s new one, A Scene We Didn’t Get To See: Create a short video that shows a scene from your favorite TV […]

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Muddy and Roger- No Mo Mojo Working

Just last week, my ds106 students applied Roger Ebert’s How to Read Movies for their weekly assignment. One of my students was first in my network to share the sad news that Ebert passed away today https://twitter.com/mmbutlerr/status/319597819939921920 What a better way to honor his contributions that a ds106 assignment (well there are likely much better […]

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emoH ekiL ecalP oN s’erehT

In my story of Dorothy getting bored in Kansas, I wanted to have a way for her to go back to Oz, and the easiest way would be via the Play It Backward, Jack ds106 assignment: Things always look super weird when you play them in reverse, don’t they? So take a video of something […]

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ds106… anyone… anyone?

We know people love ds106. I love ds106. I know you do. My students this semester are doing some of the best work (especially in terms of representing their work online) I’ve seen since I started teaching this course in January. The UMW Domain of One’s Own greatly streamlined the startup process, Martha and I […]

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Silent Harry

He’s the baddest cop on the streets in 1908… I felt I was overdue to sit down and do a ds106 assignment, one to do some iMovie work as a demo for our current students. I was called back to do Return to the Silent Era (one I added myself) with the hopes that I […]