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emoH ekiL ecalP oN s’erehT

In my story of Dorothy getting bored in Kansas, I wanted to have a way for her to go back to Oz, and the easiest way would be via the Play It Backward, Jack ds106 assignment:

Things always look super weird when you play them in reverse, don’t they? So take a video of something in your life–someone running, the toilet flushing, the sink dripping, someone spitting, whatever–and reverse it!

They not only look weird, but they sound weird.

I used the “No Place Like Home” clip from YouTube, already saved as mp4 from my previous work. I brought this into iMovie, and edited the Clip to make it go in reverse. I added a bit of fade out on the end, visual effect of “Cartoon” and Audio effect of “Echo”, all to give it a freaky kind of satanic feel:

Just keep repeating that, and you might go back to Oz, Dorothy.

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