Okay, you creative wanna be privates! Many of you got down and followed the drill for a week of doing Daily Create assignments every day. THAT IS AMAZING. I did not think you had it in you. BUT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DONE??


Hang on second Sarge, let’s do a little recap. Over the last seven days, we saw 174 total Daily Creates done (an average of 25 per day) and an influx of new participants (see my summaries, doing that every day was a drill!). The previous week, we had only 71 (average of 10 per day). I think you can do the math on the analytics (which reminds me of something I am hoping to work on is to do this tracking within our site, its tricky, because the content exists elsewhere, so we need to use API calls to get totalas from flickr, YoutTube, and SoundCloud. But it;s doable)

Here is a breakdown of the Seven Challenges. As usual, the photography/drawing ones typically draw bigger response than audio video, but we had a strong showing for the video of the cable tv clip and the audio of the telemarketing call.

So here is the challenge. Are you warmed up? Have you done a few jumping jacks and pushups?

Originally my idea was to ask everyone to weave a digital story out of their own contributions, but had a more interesting idea given that this week at Camp Magic Macguffin (the 2012 location of ds106) our students are doing remix assignments.

The challenge here I’ve already added as a ds106 assignment

In the spirit of pumping up activity for the Daily Create I issued a challenge to see who was strong enough to do one every day for a week. That is the first part of the challenge, and to do this assignment, you should do the same.

Then, and here is where it gets interesting, my friends, is that you are to make a mashup of content that other people created for each of the seven days, and to make an interesting story out of it. How you do it is up to you, but you should use the media (and link back, give ’em credit) to 7 different pieces of media submitted for the Daily Create on the days you did yours.

Ok, what you need to do is go back to the Daily Create’s for each day, and choose one person’s media (not your own), and somehow weave it together into a mashup, something that tells a story. It need not go in any order (it does not have to start with a tornado) (but that is a good starting place).

How you do this is up to you (ahem, alert the creativity neurons). And be sure to give credit to the original creators of the media (that feels good when you get it, right?)

Now something that will help others is to make it easier for people to use your media (set flickr to creative commons), and especially on SoundCLoud, make sure your options on your tracks are set to “Allow Downloads” (it is not the default).

What you should do then is write up a blog post that includes your story (and some reflection on your process, what is th story behind the story?), kind of like we ask our students to do. If your blog is already syndicated to ds106, just use the tags listed on the assignment page so your shows up. If you are not part of ds106 (oh no), just wait a few days, I am trying to add some code to the site that will allow you to add your example directly. At a minimum, leave a comment here with a link to your story.

But that comes later. Your task is to do this, like our students, before midnight, Sunday, July 22 (2012).

“But I did not start til Sunday?” “What if I did not do 7 (or any)?”

That’s the beauty of this challenge- anyone can do it, not people who submitted 7, or 5, or 1 Daily Create this week.

But its even better than that. You can do this at any time! You don’t need me yelling at you.

Pick a week. Do 7 Daily Creates in a row, all on your own. Then go back, and make the mashups based on the work of others.

Damn, I feel so clever.

But now, I have to start thinking of the story I will tell.


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