In preparation for this week’s topic for ds106 I opted to put out a question via twitter to get input on how you explain the differences between mashups and remixes (I get sloppy and move somewhere in the vague area between).

Probably the best outcome was getting clued into Star Wars Call Me Maybe. Shannon Wiebe gets my vote for the fruitiest metaphor

Mainly I got that Remix is a retelling, recasting of a single piece of media, say The Shining, in a new way (think the recut movie trailers, which change the meaning of the content by simple re-ordering and adding of music) — e.g. 2.6 million views cant be wrong

While a mashup mixes together media fro different sources, say a version of the Shining with an alternate media, say Jerry McHGuire

Are the differences really significant?

I have not played with storify in a while so wrapped in the tweets with some other links:

What’s the diff?

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