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Now It’s the Seven Day Daily Create Challenge Mashup

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Things are really going super duper with responses to the Seven Day Daily Create Challenge, where last Wednesday I dared y’all (that means you, all 4 billion people in the internet) to do a ds106 Daily Create seven days in row.

People are stepping up, some of whom have not done TDCs before, and at least 2 UMW students are in the action. I’ve been doing daily summaries, found at my blog tag 7daychallengetdc.

Originally I had said at the end, I would challenge you to make up a digital story from your own work. And you can certainly do that… you make up your own rules (which still makes me wonder when people tweet apologies about not getting it done by midnight or the same day, phooey). After all, its not like anyone is getting graded here!

But in conversation with Martha this morning about our week 9 of ds106 summer assignments on Remix/Mashup to change up the final challenge, in fact it is now an Official Assignment– Seven Day Daily Create Challenge (And Mashup Thereof):

In the spirit of pumping up activity for the Daily Create I issued a challenge to see who was strong enough to do one every day for a week. That is the first part of the challenge, and to do this assignment, you should do the same.

Then, and here is where it gets interesting, my friends, is that you are to make a mashup of content that other people created for each fo the seven days, and to make an interesting story out of it. How you do it is up to you, but you should use the media (and link back, give ’em credit) to 7 different pieces of media submitted for the Daily Create on the days you did yours.

So there it is- now I challenge you to weave together a story from the work other people did the same seven days you did your own TDCs.


The question remains.

Are you tough enough for this?

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