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On my last day in Fredericksburg, I went to the bank to close out an account, and came across the spectacle above. There was a crowd watching, one person filming with an iPad (that still makes me laugh like a 12 year-old), plus other gawkers like me snapping photos. There is nothing like a little destruction to attract attention, and of course I started hearing music in my head

No, no I never was a sinner-tell me what else can I do
Second best is what you get-till you learn to bend this rules
Time respects no person-what you lift up must fall
They’re waiting outside-to claim my crumblin’ walls

(lyrics from John Cougar Mellencamp)

I’m not saying any of my walls are crumblin down, but it was fun to watch that digger knock away the bricks.

So much I made it my Daily Create, which was supposed to be a 36 second video showing a 360 degree panorama.

But the pics I got really lent themselves to some Animated GIF action

This one shows the full effect, with dust blowing around

I only had two to work with here, but like the combination of the guy hosing off the pile and the machine in motion.

The shadow here reminds me of the poster for Jurassic Park

No big major stuff here. Just a chance to go back to doing it the import file stack into PhotoShop method. There’s always some tweaking, and I spent a little more time doing some copy/paste to clear distracting single frame clutter. I have a basic tutorial done for one of the first photo GIFs I did plus a collection of others, and a detailed walk through of one I did using just subtle eye motion — and all of this is a ds106 assignment Photo it Like Peanut Butter

I also did one with Cinemagram app on the iphone- it has a more fluid feel

It’s just too much fun giffin’

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