Oi, somehow I never published this post, my own answer to my own challenge. I just found it in my unpublished drafts drawer. Bad Dog.

The first rule of issuing challenges is be prepared to remix your own dog food. Thus I find myself tonight working at doing my own creation for the Seven Day Daily Create Challenge. You can see the whole series of related posts at http://cogdogblog.com/tag/7daychallengetdc

Okay, this is not easy. I scanned the 174 entries that came in (actually there are more now than when I summarized), and downloaded enough media I could use (I had to skip a few flickr photos that were not creative common licensed and some audio that were not set in SoundCloud to be downloaded). A theme somewhat emerged, like something bad that might happen if a flame was turned on somewhere in the world, that triggered a few catastrophic events… Here ya go:

This was assembled in about an hour’s worth of iMovie fiddling. I do a lot of splitting of clips, separating the audio tracks, and using multiple audio layers. I found there are audio effects you can apply to a video clip (that was new to me)

I ended up using three things by our long time ds106 Australia comrade, Rowan Peter- his two audio files and one flickr photo just jelled for me.

Dr Coop’s blue flame was the trigger, Melanie’s video for best technology with the flushing toilet got me started thinking about the world swirling down the drain, which leads to tornado swirls. Mayln’s boiling water was a nice build up to the triggering event (whatever that flame hit). Rowan’s recording of a Japanse telemarketing call seemed to be good backdrop for the mechanical parts of the world that might go into an infinite loop. Norm’s static video of for ds106 (along with his audio “just found a TV”) sounded like a post apocalyptic effort to communicate.

Rowan’s sounds of breathing made for the closing gasp[s over his own eerie desolate photo (natural scene lacking human artifacts)

Here are the media pieces I used:

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by dr.coop

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Rowan Peter

I totally admit this was a hard assignment, but aren;t those the ones worth doing? So give it a try, you can do any 7 days worth on your own….

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