Another element I am using in my story is that Dorothy figure ut that to return to Oz, she would need to go shopping and find a new pair of ruby slippers, since you cannot expect to just fall out of the sky again and land on another witch.

So she has to go shopping somewhere upscale. For this piece of the story, I used the Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From? assignment (fun because I never dis that one before):

Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there.

I did some searching on photos of high end shoe stores, but somehow the thought of Dorothy shopping for shoes in the Villaggio (located in Doha, Qatar) worked for me- using this Travelblog photo.

Here is Dorothy (and Toto too) slyly shopping for magic shoes in Doha:

To mix her in the crowd, I would need an image of Dorothy standing or walking, and isolated (no arms around Scarecrow, sorry). The one that worked was for an ad for a life size cardboard cutout.

In Photoshop, I deleted the bit of ground around her feet, and dropped in the main photo. Her layer is on top of the others, but to make it look more real, I position her to overlap with someone standing closer to the camera, and use that person’s shape as a selection to delete a bit from the Dorothy layer, so it looks like she is behind (it is likely better to extract his shape later first and they drop it in.

Dorothon was very tiny. I went to make a blowup of the area after putting a circle around it- I zoomed in the circle to about 400%, and did a screen shot. I then can paste that back to the normal size, so it looks pixelly like it is a real blow up.

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