The eclectic Woody Allen has had many romantic encounters, on and off screen. How could he ever forget his lively yet draining down under love affair?


I was going to make a new assignment for the #ds106 GIFfest, but sometimes it is more fun to make the GIF fit, in this case making it slip in facetiously under Michael Branson Smith’s I’ll Love You Forever:

Help that cinematic love last for eternity by turning it into an animated GIF.

There is a good and growing set of GIFable tasks, time now to fill in with examples. So far RIFF a GIF is in the lead.

These starry eyed lovers first met at sunset on a brushy hill top north of Adelaide, he the pasty white skinned American burning under the solar flares, she the bouncy yet quixotic marsupial who did not pull punches. They loved, they fought, and mostly just danced around their own emotional issues. It really was more of a spectacle. We could not help but watch as the sparks flew, not knowing if either was worth cheering on. Maybe it was like rubbernecking a road wreck.


Lasting for eternity? Love is fleeting for these two, but the moment? Forever.

I could hardly resist after discovering the clip (via Open Culture) from Woody’s 1966 appearance on the apparently circus themed British show Hippodrome (it was the 1960s after all). Just look at those biceps.

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