Dorothy seems timeless even looking back at the Wizard of Oz from maybe 80 years past its time. But her statue I saw on the streets of Liberal Kansas seemed kind of old, maybe it was just the texture of the metal, but I speculated she might get nostalgic for her own youth (or at least mobility):

I made this for my story project as a response to the Then-Now-Together ds106 assignment:

Edit a childhood photo of yourself to include a more recent photo of you in a pose that makes it look like you were part of the original scene. Pay attention to matching pose, detail, and color values to match the original. You can go back to your past, at least in your own edited photo!

Okay, it was not “me” but my character. And Dorothy is young and innocent enough in Oz to qualify for childhood.

I cropped the photo of her status I took:

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

and overlaid it in Photoshop in a sepia toned screen capture of the Kansas set of the movie. I had to stretch the status to make it close to the proportion of the screen capture of young Dorothy. I had to flip that one horizontally and do some clone brush of the fence to leave enough room for the pasted statue photo.

I dropped the saturation on the statue and used the Image – > Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation tool to try and make the statue less glossy and match the tones in the mage. Its far from perfect, but the idea is to mae them look like they are singing a duet across time.

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