Call Me Mr Lucky
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Meet Lucky, one of the two dogs I am housesitting for three weeks; my friend Sabra is off for a vacation in Italy.

Lucky and Gunner are big mixed breed rescue dogs, very mellow and affectionate. Lucky, is not so lucky with some problems of his rear legs not being all that mobile, or maybe he is for finding a home with Sabra.

We had a huge challenge last night after the afternoon walk, as he slipped trying to get up the 4 steps to my house, and refused to come in. After trying walking on the leash, leading with cheese, having Sabra talk to him on the phone, he was still outside at 8:30pm with the temperatures in the low 30s.

i managed to get him inside with a combination of leashing and nudging his rum upward with pressure from my legs. I’ve not done a great job of earning his trust, but we have 3 weeks to work this out.

And now its morning, and we will go for a walk. I expect he won’t walk those steps, so am going to his house to fetch a ramp the Sabra says he has used before.

I was completely stressed out by this last night, a failure to be able to take care of this dog. But”¦ one has to kept trying.

I have no idea if he is feeling lucky right now.

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  1. Dang, man. That’s a sad story… the troubled dog is tough. My college pooch that lives at my folks’ place, Richard (the bigger black one at Jackson Farms), was mysteriously ill over xmas – has since recovered, thankfully, but it sure sucks to see them suffering without the ability to tell us how to fix it.

    Good on ya for sticking it out, and helping Lucky up the stairs. He’s got a good dog-bud in you, for sure.

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