My introduction video for the newly launched ETMOOC – something I might be lukewarm about were it not something that Alec Couros was fostering. His own network connectivity, not the linking for the same of linking, is something you want to be part of- witness over 1000 people who signed up, 200 of them fitting in a Collaborate room last night for an introduction.

This is the kind of “M” in MOOC I can get behind.

For lack of being creative in doing something novel with media, I filmed myself on my iphone, obviously not having a clear sense of what I wanted to say. This is from my home in Strawberry Arizona, (yes that is a real place).

I’ve had fun tricking out some WordPress hijinks to add a blog hub and a twitter archive to the course site. Largely in doing this, I am learning new tech skills myself.

Apologies it is taking me longer to get everyone’s blogs subscribed; to do it well, I end up checking about 80% of the URLs. Actually this has been a fantastic way to quickly scan this new community- there are people from many points of the globe, a lot of people doing a blog for the first time. This is not the usual gathering of the same edtech crowd, a lot of on the ground teachers, adminsitrators, tech folks, at all levels.

Happy MOOCing!

cows talk, dogs listen

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  1. Fun pres! I like non- scripted presentations very much; writing a little somethings about this. Do you publish your photos?

    1. Yes, that’s Feedwordpress powering ETMOOC.

      Do you mean putting the blog flow on a page rather than the front? I did this in ds106 (the flow is now at just by changing the settings for the WP blog page…

      Or are you asking something different? The ds106 theme (salutation) has a rather convoluted strucure)

  2. Hi Alan,
    Love your video, I love the fact that you remind us that we need to stay healthy and there’s a life out there, some snow in Arizona, and a swimming pool with warm water here in Buenos Aires. You have given me the courage to produce my own video, maybe tomorrow at the pool, why not?
    Now, I love this etmooc and love this feeling of connection and learning together.
    Hugs Alan

    1. I look forward to seeing your video, wherever it is. Given the wide range of dots on the etmooc map I would love to see more of Buenos Aires, a place I have never seen before except via photos of my unmet internet friends from there. I hope to see it one day in person.

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