This is a demo of a ds106 assignment for my students to get a taste of telling stories with pictures. The task is to use two different photos from recent Daily Create Photo assignments and tie them together with a story, a sandwich if you will.

tdc384 backlit

Where am I? Bad dream? Last thing I remember I was drinking my coffee and reading poetry at Hyperion. Someone had done that middle school shoulder tapping thing where you turn and no one is there. Why are my arms tied? And there’s something like an old sock in my mouth. Dingy room. I smell mothballs and some other smells — foul meat and rotting cabbage? And this guy wearing a Buffalo Bills ski cap, is stomping around the room saying again and again “Make The Call! Make The Call! January 31, Make the Call! For the love of Jake, Make the Call.”

It’s worse than a bad movie. My neck is sore. And the lights are dimming….

Oh man, it was a bad dream. Thank somebody. It seemed… real, but of course not. I gotta stop staying up late watching those old movies on Youtube. I missed my composition class again.

But hey, it’s the end of January, and and that’s one calendar flip to spring. Hmmm, what’s that, an alert on my iPhone calendar? A reminder? Link just says “important”. Well, important is important…


First photo of creepy guy came from TDC 384 Contre-jour it, make a photo where subject is silhouetted by shooting into bright light

Second photo of dude sleeping from TDC 374 Take a picture of your favorite thing in the world to do, however simple or complex.

What happened when the call went through? I don’t know. Stories happen when you leave space for things to happen.

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