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I rather enjoy spotting juxtapositions, as when I opened a cabinet in a friend’s kitchen, and noticed a tupperware containeer with a #ds106radio sticker sitting atop a copy of The Joy of Cooking.

That’s whats happening in a few hours, when I try out the new radio station platform that Grant Potter put into place recently for the radio station.

For those who broadcast, its really just a few settings changed in their apps/software (the server url, and maybe the mountpoint needs to drop a “/”). For listeners, they will have to tune into new urls (see below). There is a stream status page at, but ti does not yet indicate the presence of a live stream nor does the @ds106radio twitter bot.

Those recipes will happen in time.

But for this week’s #ds106 show, since we are starting our week’s activity on listening to audio, I wanted to move the format from live video of Google Hangout to the live audio stream of ds106radio:

Grant will be live with us on the ds106 radio, as will our first student vo-hosts, Amber and Nancy.

So how to listen? This is key for my students, since they have a requirement to listen to an hour of ds106 radio this week, and yes, this can count.

  • The only way to know I am live is to look for a tweet in the #ds106 twitter stream, but we are scheduled to go at 4:30pm EST
  • The most direct links are the mp3 streams, you can load these in a web browser. We have two different bandwidth streams, so choose the 64k one if you are on a weaker connection. high bandwidth 128 kbps or lower bandwidth streams 64kbps.
  • You can also load a setting for the stream in your media player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC via the links at You will want to download a linked file as an .m3u file and load that in your media player.

You can find these links and check whats on the radio at, though as mentioned, it does not show yet when a live stream is on. You can listen any time, there is always content playing, not matter the time.

Perhaps with the recent Coursera MOOCastrophe its unwise to try an untested technology for a real class?

Nah, that’s how we roll at ds106. Right off the edge.

We futz, and we keep moving. That’s how you dance.

ds106 on the radio

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