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Again, Apple’s Change of Interface Rrquires Another $20 Piece of Plastic to Make it Work

Again, Apple's Change of Interface Rrquires Another $20 Piece of Plastic to Make it Work
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The cable end with the black tape is what goes into my Alpine stereo deck in my truck.

When I got my iPhone5, with the smaller interface "Lightning" port, using it to connect to my deck (There is a standard USB port from the unit- STANDARD) resulted in tons of static over my audio.

Having purchased the #$*ing $30 adapter, the music sounds good.

The third party Lightening cable I bought for $10? Works about 40% of the time.

And you know what? Even with all this I would not trade platforms for anything. As much as it giles me, that’s so.

Paste a sucker sign on my butt and kick me.

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  1. I’m just cleaning the last of my photos off the MacBook, and when they’re gone, I’ll be completely Apple-free. No more ridiculous proprietary interfaces and devices that can be used with nothing but Apple for me!

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