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Before I could listen to the old school turntable I got shipped by Jason in Vancouver (and it came to him via Grant Potter)

I needed to get some audio equipment, namely an amp with phono inputs and some new speakers. Gardner Campbell gave me the ultimate recommendation, but I’m not quite ready to plunk the money down (I will Gardo, one day soon!).

But for now, to listen to the sound via my Harmon Kardon Sound Stix (you can see the nub of one bottom left), I needed a phonograph pre-amp.

I researched and ended up with this Pyle PP444 Mini Pre-Amp — for $15 it was worth a try. I got this model because it had the necessary grounding screw, to reduce static from the table. The comments on Amazon suggested this one can pick up radio interference, but I am not hearing any.

The box to the left is an Audio Crossplay, used so I can move between the turntable/pre-amp as a source, and air tunes from my wireless airport extreme, which pushes audio from my laptop.

So far it works like a charm, maybe not the best sound, but good enough now for me to enjoy my old vinyl that sat in my Mom’s garage for 20 years.

Now to open the trunk, pick some discs, and start broadcasting on #ds106radio”¦.

And Jason, you will appreciate that te first disc on the platter was Troubadour

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