cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Tom

Sigh, I found a case where my script was not working (it was for photo ownsers who never set themselves a nickname). I had to dig in deeper than I have gone with XPath, and was mostly my own ignorance as to whay I was having trouble extracting the right string. I got quick help from StackExchange.

updateYou can find details at I also found out that Chrome users should see new versions of the extension pushed to their browser a few hours after an update, they are automated. If you want to force it go to Window -> Extensions (or Tools -> Extensions) make sure Developer Mode is checked, and click “Update Extensions”.

Doh. Firefox users can update from the Userscripts site by clicking the big green install button.

And hopefully flickr won’t be monkeying with their divs and spans. Or they will stay in business.

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