cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

You don’t sit still or idle here either.

This was a “No Parking Tow Away Zone” spotted at the Depew NY train station.

The text was easy to replace with Helvetica Neu font; that’s a crop of Rod Serling sitting on the edge of the eposide “A World of His Own“, distorted a bit and feathered on the margins. I chose the image because hed the cigarette in his hand (I painted in a bit more smoke).

It’s not yet a ds106 assignment; I might have to make one up.

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  1. Masterful work! Not only does it look legit, it feels spooky-legit. I saved the image and recolored to black and white to experience it with a flavor of nostalgia and it conveyed the stark uneasiness of Serling’s opening monologues.

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